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About us

Matha, Pitha, Guru, Daivam!

They are the four strong pillars in the development of a student.

My Mathews Educare Pvt. Ltd. join hands with them to educate and professionally guide each student starting from the Preschool to their career placement. We offer a complete education and career solutions for both students and educational institutions. About 35,000 students have taken advantage of our services since 2001.

Our services to students/parents start from Pre-school. We offer free career counselling (online & offline), career expo (online & offline), aptitude test and career guidance. It aids the student to select a course or institution according to their aptitude, taste, dream and budget globally. We also offer educational loan assistance for the needy. After choosing the institution, we arrange transportation and accommodation to both students and parents to visit the institution and finally to drop the student at the institution. Parents can peacefully return home using transportation arranged by us. Our company offer placement assistance for the students completing the course. We are slowly spreading our wings globally. Our company will be adding more and more countries, universities and colleges in the long run.

Our services to Institutional management include Institution administration, finance management, legal guidance, marketing, HR, quality assessment, research and development in the education system, Institutional development, social media marketing, branding (online and offline), career counselling, career guidance, admission and placement cell. We have a tie-up with many educational institutions in India and abroad.

Our website, www.mymathews.com an education portal, is designed to serve as a bridge between educational institutions and students. Our dedicated team has invested years for research to building a rich data mine of colleges, universities, other educational institutions and courses across India and abroad. We are still adding. Our vision is to serve as an aid in the education and career development of the student globally in a better way.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer open-handed support to the students, parents and educational institutions to achieve their dream.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be reliable and magnificent aid in the education and career development of the students globally.

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