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Study MBBS at National Pirogov Medical University Vinnytsia Ukraine

Sept. 28, 2021

National Pirogov Medical University Vinnytsia Ukraine

National Pirogov Medical University Vinnytsia, Ukraine was established in the year 1921.The university was named after M.I. Pirogov. The university had accredited and certified to IV level of accreditation and granted the status of the university in the year 1994.National Pirogov Medical University got national status in the year 2002.

University acquired national status.

  • Faculties of the University
  • Faculty of Postgraduate Education
  • Preparatory Faculty for foreign nationals
  • Faculty for Pharmacy (Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy)
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Medicine (Medical Affairs)
  • Faculty of Medicine(Pediatrics, Medical Psychology)
  • Training at Faculties

There are 6 facilities, among them is two medical. The specialties are pediatric, general medicine, medical psychology, dental- specialty is dentistry, pharmaceutical –clinical pharmacy and specialty pharmacy. The department of Post Graduation, The Faculty of Postgraduate Education offers various forms of postgraduate training for doctors in 33 specialties. Faculty of Pharmacy offers correspondence training.

There are more than 1700 employees, among them are doctors of sciences (119), professors (88), candidates of sciences (612), associate professors (344).

Teaching Staff

There are 645 teaching staff, professors 69, associate professors 248, candidates of sciences 385, of which 89 doctors of sciences, teachers 172.Postgraduate training of doctors are conducted at 54 departments, of which 44 are headed by doctors of sciences and professors.

Preparation of personal reserve from among the best graduates who has the ability and flair in scientific work at the time of scientific work and with master’s and postgraduate studies. During a year teachers defend 4-6 doctoral and 30-35 candidate dissertations.

It was in the year 1961, the university started training foreign nationals. Approximately 5000 aliens from 98 countries have successfully completed various training.

Research Areas

Protection of Motherhood and Childhood, Prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of chronic diseases among different groups of the population, Creation, and doing experimental researches and introduction of new medicines

Particular Attention

The study related to the neonatal to elderly, the physiological and psychological characteristics of the body of people, genetic, and anthropological. Determining the patterns of morphogenesis and pathomorphosis of diseases, Development of modern treatment , Research center with a laboratory of functional morphology and genetics , Center for New Information Technologies, Laboratory of Experimental Neurophysiology, Experimental Pharmacology Laboratory, Clinical-diagnostic allergological , laboratory, Immigration Insurance, Medical Insurance, Home Office Registration, Residence Card, Admission, Reception, Contractor Fee, Clinical and diagnostic gastroenterological laboratory, Bacteriological Laboratory, Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology. International Cooperation

National Pirogov Medical University Vinnytsia Ukraine has cooperated with medical faculties of 19 countries such as Germany, US, France, England, Russia. The clinical departments have close ties with 28 foreign pharmaceutical firms .

Tuition Fees (MBBS)

The duration of the course is 6 years and the tuition fee is 5000 USD every year. The Complete First Year Charges : 7850USD.

Why Ukraine

The benefits in studying Ukraine is Low fees and high level of education, The Diverse range of study programs in Ukraine, Qualitative Education, and Chance to experience a culture.

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