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List of Bachelor of Physiotherapy Colleges

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BPT Colleges in Bangalore

1. In a health care team, what is the role of a Physiotherapist?

A Physiotherapist plays a vital role in the healthcare team. He handles a responsibility in dealing with the patients to rehabilitate into normal stages of mobility by doing different exercises without using medicines, manual therapy, rehabilitation techniques, and physical activities.

2. What is the nature of the work of a physiotherapist?

The job of a Physiotherapist involves helping to recover or rehabilitate from a state of being immobile or paralyzed. They have the responsibility to help or restore the patients’ body from a stationary state to an average optimal functioning level. The primary tasks are mainly to prescribe remedial exercises like muscle strength evaluation and quantification. The Physiotherapist does physical treatment with different automated machines. They do electrotherapy modalities like microwave diathermy, shortwave diathermy, ultrasonic therapy, contrast bath, cryo-therapy, hydro collator, infra-red therapy, ultraviolet therapy, and different therapeutic exercises.

3. Can I know the better options after passing the BPT program that is available after graduation?

After BPT, students can pursue higher qualifications both in India and abroad by specializing in physiotherapy. Further, they are also eligible for different programs, for example, Hospital administration, Public Health Management, Business Management, and various M.Sc. programs. After pursuing a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, an aspirant can work as Clinical Physiotherapist in Hospitals or Clinics.

4. What is the standard Pay Package after passing BPT?

In the BPT course, the aspirant should study different medical subjects such as anatomy, physiology, Bio-Chemistry, Microbiology, Pathology, Orthopedics, surgery, neurology, Cardiothoracic diseases and surgery, psychiatry. In addition, core physiotherapy subjects such as exercise therapy, electrotherapy, manual therapy, prosthetics, orthotics, obstetrics, gynecology, orthopedic physiotherapy, neuro physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, cardio physiotherapy, community physiotherapy, general physiotherapy, Research Methodology, biostatics, organization and administration and research project to develop an insight into the treatment and management of conditions.

5. How can be six months of clinical internships defined?

After four years of BPT course, six months of clinical internships is mandatory and is done in a multi-specialty hospital with a minimum of 100 Beds and rotating duties and different specialties like medicine, surgery, orthopedics, cardiac, neurology, etc.

MPT Colleges in Bangalore

1. What is the full form of MPT?

The full form of MPT is Masters in Physiotherapy, a postgraduate degree program in the area of physiotherapy/ physical therapy.

2. What is the scope of a Master's in Physiotherapy (MPT)?

The MPT graduates can work in rehabilitation centres, hospitals, clinics, sports centres, and corporates as physiotherapists, rehabilitation specialists, sports physiotherapists, and physiotherapy consultants.

3. What are specialisation options for a master's in physiotherapy (MPT)?

The specialisation options for master's in physiotherapy (MPT) are sports, musculoskeletal, musculoskeletal physiotherapy, neuro physiotherapy, neurology, pediatric physiotherapy, cardiorespiratory physiotherapy, musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy, cardiorespiratory and intensive care, community physiotherapy, geriatric physiotherapy, orthopaedics, hand conditions, obstetrics and gynaecology, cardiopulmonary science and practice and cardiopulmonary physiotherapy.

4. What is the average salary of an MPT graduate?

The average salary of an MPT graduate is around four lakhs rupees to nine lakhs rupees per annum.

5. What are the eligibility criteria for MPT (master in physiotherapy)?

The MPT (master in physiotherapy) course eligibility criteria are 50 % marks in BPT (Bachelor in Physiotherapy), including six months internship. The candidate should also clear the entrance test to get admission.


BPT Colleges in Bangalore

                1st Year
Anatomy 240
Physiology 210
Biochemistry   60
Biomechanics 180
Psychology 60
Sociology 60
Subsidiary Subjects
Basic Nursing30
Orientation to Physiotherapy 30
Integrated Seminars / PBL sessions90
                2nd Year
Exercise Therapy270
Electrotherapy 240
Subsidiary Subjects
Ethics and Admin30
First Aid & CPR30
Constitution of India 30
Introduction to Treatment30
Clinical Observation Posting270
             3rd Year
General Medicine60
General Surgery60
Orthopedics & Traumatology60
Musculoskeletal And Sports Physiotherapy150
Cardio Respiratory & General Physiotherapy150
Supervised Rotatory Clinical Training540
Subsidiary Subjects
Allied Therapies60
            4th Year
Neurology & Neurosurgery60
Community Medicine60
Neuro Physiotherapy150
Community Physiotherapy150
Research Methodology 60
Supervised Rotatory Clinical Training540
Subsidiary Subjects
Evidence Based Physiotherapy Practice30

MPT Colleges in Bangalore

Subject Hours
Principles of Physiotherapy Practice
Research Methodology and Biostatistics 360
Exercise Physiology180
Applied Anatomy, Applied Physiology and Biomechanics in the area of specialty
Physical and Functional Diagnosis relevant to specialty 180
Treatment planning and Physiotherapy Management
Recent Advances in the area specialty
synopsis & Dissertation work 210
Community Camps, Field Visits, Participation in Workshops & Conferences 60