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B.Tech Colleges in Karnataka

Located in southwest India, Karnataka is a less populated state than some other states in India. Its capital Bengaluru (or Bangalore) is a cosmopolitan hub. Karnataka is home to many famous places like royal Mysore and medieval Hampi. Karnataka has many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Along with this beautiful waterfall, beaches, forests and caves are some of the natural attractions. Bachelor of Technology (B Tech) is a professional undergraduate engineering degree program awarded to candidates after completing four years of study in the field. B Tech is designed to develop the technical skills of candidates who aim to invest themselves in key technology and development industries. Candidates can study B Tech in various specializations like Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, etc. As the entire course teaches and equips the students with the practical knowledge and theories required for their specific fields, applicants pursuing a B Tech degree are more theoretical and practical. The candidates who have completed 12th in the science stream and have qualified in the JEE entrance exam are eligible for the course. After completing this program candidates can opt for M.Tech, MBA, PGDM, Ph.D Candidates completing this program have wide opportunities in India and Abroad. The employment areas after the B. Tech program are Research and Development Organizations, Software Companies, Information Technology Companies, Robotics Engineering Companies, Educational Institutions, Scientific Research Centers, and Army. Career Options after completing B Tech include Mechanical Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Computer Engineer, Instrumentation Engineer, Mining Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Communication Engineer, Junior Software Engineer, Junior programmer, Research Associate, Junior Developer, Technical, Support Engineer, Trainee Engineer, Data Analyst, Testing Engineer

List of B.Tech Colleges in Karnataka

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